Teeth Whitening: How Long to Wait Before Eating

Teeth Whitening: How Long to Wait Before Eating

When we find our teeth getting yellowed or discoloured, we all want to whiten them for a brighter smile. The teeth whitening procedure is among the most effective ways to brighten your pearly whites. It is widespread and affordable and can even lift stubborn stains. However, it would help if you correctly cared for your teeth after the treatment.

If you want to know ‘how long after teeth whitening can I normally eat,’ in that case, this article will break down why you choose professional teeth whitening, when you can eat after the teeth whitening treatment, and what you should avoid after teeth whitening.

Why Do You Need to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Although you have different options for teeth whitening, including toothpaste, strips, or gels, professional teeth whitening is always considered a much better option. The best thing about professional treatment is that you can get effective results quickly. Other than that, when you receive the teeth whitening treatment from a professional, your tooth sensitivity decreases, and the risk of damage to the enamel and gums also lessens.

Some people still go for over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments. When you buy these items from a store, you will find them inconsistent, and they may even have unnoticeable results. In professional teeth whitening, the dentist recommends professional-grade bleaching agents capable of removing tough stains. These dentists also provide touch-ups to make the results last longer.

When Can We Eat After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

If you are wondering ‘how long after teeth whitening can I eat normally,’ experts recommend waiting at least 48 hours before you start eating dark-pigmented foods, coffee, and red wine. After the whitening procedure, the teeth’ enamel becomes porous after the whitening process, making them vulnerable to stains.

It would be best if you had a few days till your saliva can remineralise the teeth, and they become strong. Till then, it is always a good idea to go for gentle foods and drinks that are light and soft in colour. Other than that, it is better to practice good oral hygiene, eat healthy foods only, and professionally whiten your teeth. 

Which Foods and Beverages Should You Avoid After Teeth Whitening?

You undoubtedly invest your money, time, and effort in the teeth whitening procedure to have the best possible results for a long time. Your newly whitened teeth can be susceptible to staining, so choosing what you consume is essential, especially in the first two or three days after the treatment. The followings are some foods and drinks that can sabotage teeth whitening results.

  • Sweets
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Wine
  • Tobacco
  • Fizzy Drinks

Plenty of delicious and healthy foods are safe after the teeth whitening treatment. These include white bread, rice, apples, water, cheese, milk, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, skinless chicken, and more. Usually, your teeth can stay white from six months to two years. The length of whiteness depends on your oral care, diet, and whether you receive whitening touch-ups.

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Undoubtedly, your teeth need extra attention after the teeth whitening session, but it’s worth it because you will feel confident with the pearly whites. Gordon Family Dentistry is a well-known name that is always there to help you with any issues regarding your teeth. Our staff will answer your additional questions about ‘how long after teeth whitening can I eat normally’ and what to eat or drink after the teeth whitening procedure.

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