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Are you experiencing jaw pain, ear pain, or dental sensitivity? We can help. When you need professional teeth grinding treatment in Gordon, NSW, get in touch with the experts here at Gordon Family Dental and enjoy quality care. Don’t let tooth damage impact your smile. Reach out to our experienced team at (02) 9498 2776 and book your appointment today to discover treatment options to reduce discomfort and damage from teeth grinding.

What Causes Tooth Grinding?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, refers to the involuntary habit of clenching your jaw and sliding your teeth together. Some common causes of tooth grinding include stress, sleep disorders, and compensating for a crooked bite. When your upper and lower jaws don’t align, you might grind your teeth to make them fit more comfortably.

Though teeth grinding can occur during the day, most patients experience this problem at night. As a result, many patients are unaware of their condition until they come in for a check-up. Others only realise it after experiencing symptoms like facial pain and headaches.

How Our Teeth Grinding Treatment Can Help

Some patients might turn to over-the-counter pain medication and muscle relaxants as a solution. However, these options only offer temporary relief. On the other hand, our teeth grinding treatment works to determine the root cause of your condition and formulate effective therapies.

During your treatment, our team will:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you unsure whether you grind your teeth at night? The presence of certain signs will help you determine if you need treatment. Some of these signs include locking, popping, or clicking in your jaw, chronic headaches, worn-down teeth, tired jaw muscles, and pain in your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders.

Depending on your condition, our team can offer custom-fabricated oral appliances or restorative dental treatments, such as fillings, dental crowns, or root canal treatments.

After seeking professional teeth grinding treatment, there are several steps you can take to resolve your condition. If your teeth grinding is a result of lifestyle choices, cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco might be able to help. On top of that, consider practising relaxation techniques to manage your stress. Combining these practices with our professional treatments can go a long way in helping you attain lasting relief.

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