Emergency Dentistry in Gordon

Get Help from an Expert Emergency Dentist Today

Getting an unplanned dental treatment from an emergency dentist is never pleasurable, but life is unpredictable, and accidents happen. Get expert emergency dentistry when you need it from Gordon Family Dentistry.

Our dentists and clinicians help hundreds of patients with knocked-out teeth, facial swellings, and dental pain every year. We will help you explore treatment options that best suit your condition and budget. We are experts in preventing long-term damage from all types of dental trauma.

Our Emergency Dentistry Department is Always Ready for Action

When you chip a tooth or develop searing gum pain, you need a reliable emergency dentist who will review your dental history and account for your treatment preferences.

At Gordon Family Dentistry, we train every emergency dentist on our team to preserve your natural teeth and original oral structure as much as possible. We are highly proficient in giving first aid treatment to victims of trauma and providing an immediate response to patients with undetected infections.


What is the Correct Response to a Dental Emergency?

A chipped or knocked-out tooth is a part of life for many Australians, but microbial infections due to damaged teeth can be life-threatening, especially for children. Here are a few things to do if you’re in a dental emergency.


A dental emergency causes severe discomfort, pain, and trauma to your mouth, requiring immediate action from trained professionals. You do not have to bleed or show signs of damage to your natural teeth to see an emergency dentist. Damage to dental appliances like veneers, fillings, and dentures also constitutes dental emergencies.

Cracked teeth can cut your gums or tongue when you speak or chew food. Some cracks will not be visible from a front-facing mirror. If you have cracked a tooth, our clinicians recommend rinsing your mouth with warm water and calling an emergency dentist immediately.

Dislodge any trapped irritants between your teeth with dental floss, and contact your dentist if the discomfort persists. Never use sharp objects to discover the source of your pain.

Resolve Your Dental Issues Immediately

Don’t wait to see a dentist about that toothache! Please book an appointment with Gordon Family Dentistry for prompt emergency dentistry from our responsive team.