Efficient and Effective: How Long Dental Fillings Take and Why It Matters

How Much is a Dental Filling?

We never want to spend time sitting in the dentist’s chair, but sometimes it becomes necessary. One of these situations is having a dental cavity that needs filling. The main purpose of dental filling is to fill a cavity after your dentist removes the decaying tissue from it. Not only is it helping to stop decaying progression, but it can also prevent future decay.

You must be wondering how long a dental filling take. It normally takes an hour between the process’s start and finish. Although it is an average estimate because there could be a few factors that can affect how much time it can take to complete the filling.

Why Do We Have Dental Cavities?

Undoubtedly, showcasing a confident smile can improve our mood and health. Although maintaining oral health is important, we develop dental cavities over time. It may start to form suddenly, and only your dentist can correct the issue. The following factors can increase the rate at which a cavity forms.

  • When the levels of acid increase in our mouth, cavities may start to develop.
  • Some people allow plaque to form, and it can remove the minerals from the tooth.
  • The location of cavity formation is also important. It normally takes more time for the cavity to develop in enamel than dentin.
  • Cavities may form quickly near the gum line because the tooth enamel can be thinner.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get a Dental Filling?

If you have a dental cavity, your dentist can remove it and fills the tooth in one visit. A dental filling is a routine procedure that may not require much dental work. If it is a small cavity and the dentist has time, there are chances that he may start filling it right after the dental exam to save time.

Normally the dental filling process takes less than an hour. It is worth mentioning that the exact length of time depends on the location and size of the cavity, whereas it also depends on the filling material to be used for restoring the tooth. A small cavity takes less time than the larger one. Without any complicating factors, a small or a big cavity should be completed in an hour.

What are the Steps of the Dental Filling Process?

Every step of the dental filling procedure can impact how long it can take. The following are some of the main steps of the dental filling process.

  • The dentist begins by numbing the tooth. A large molar can take longer to numb, so the dentist must wait a few minutes before starting the procedure.
  • Removing tooth decay is the second step. The tooth is numbed, so the patient will not feel any pain. The dentist drills the tooth and removes the decay in a few minutes, whereas it is important for the dentist to disinfect the tooth before filling it.
  • Now it is time to fill the tooth. Normally the metal or amalgam fillings are used to restore the tooth after removing the cavity.
  • In the last step, the dentist polishes the tooth’s surface when the filling is hardened. This way, the tooth looks natural, and the patient will feel comfortable biting.

Dental Cavity Care in Gordon, NSW, Australia

Normally the dental fillings are uncomplicated and may be completed in a single appointment with the dentist. If you need a dental filling, contact our Gordon dentist at Gordon Family Dentistry where fillings are done as quickly as possible. We offer all the modern equipment and care for dental filling quickly and painlessly. Besides that, our convenient hours make it easy to get a dental filling according to your schedule.

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