How Much is a Dental Filling?

How Much is a Dental Filling?

If you have a small hole or cavity in your tooth, your dentist will remove the decayed area of the tooth and then “fill” it. Dental fillings are used to fill and repair cracked, worn down, or broken teeth.

It is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures. Dental fillings help restore the standard functionality of your teeth and also help you eliminate any pain or sensitivity you might be experiencing. 

Check our post if you are interested in learning how long does dental filling take. However, check this post if you’re wondering why you need a dental filling and how much dental filling costs, keep scrolling. 

When Do You Need a Dental Filling? 

Tooth decay occurs when harmful bacteria make acids in your mouth that damage the tooth enamel. If you don’t get it treated, tooth decay can lead to the formation of a small hole in a tooth called a cavity. 

Enamel can repair itself early in tooth decay using the minerals from your fluoride toothpaste and saliva. But as the tooth decay continues, the enamel gets weaker and weaker, and you start experiencing sensitivity and pain.

Dental fillings can treat cavities and repair work or damaged teeth. These fillings help maintain the tooth’s structure and prevent the decay from getting worse. Dental fillings are made from materials that can ‘fill’ in parts of a damaged tooth.

Dental Filling Procedure 

Before finding out how much filling costs, you need to be aware of the dental filling procedure. 

When you visit your dentist to fill your cavity, they examine your mouth and teeth. The dental filling procedure includes the following steps: 

  1. The dentist will first use a local anaesthetic to numb the space around the tooth with the cavity. 
  2. Next, they will use a drill, laser, or an air abrasion instrument to remove the decayed area. 
  3. After that, the dentist will probe and make sure the decay has been removed. 
  4. Then the dentist will prepare the treated tooth for the filling. 
  5. Finally, the dentist will polish the cavity using any filling material of your choice.

Dental Filling Materials

There are several types of dental filling materials that you can choose from. Your dentist will recommend the best choice of material based on your budget and your unique needs. Some of the materials used as dental fillings include: 

  • Porcelain: It’s stain-resistant, strong, durable, and looks almost like natural teeth. However, it costs higher than other filling materials.
  • Amalgam: It’s pretty affordable, but its metallic look is noticeable. 
  • Gold: It’s long-lasting and robust. But it’s not used as commonly anymore.
  • Composite resin: It can be easily colour matched to your teeth. But composite resin has a shorter lifespan. 

How Much Does Filling Cost?

The average cost of dental filling in Australia starts from $110. However, it would help if you visited the dentist to find out the actual price of your procedure. 

It takes less time to fill a cavity if it is relatively small and on a front tooth. But your dentist will have to work more to fill a vast cavity, for example, if it’s in a molar. Since more extensive cavities need more material to serve them, the cost of your treatment will also go up. 

The cost of your dental fillings will also be affected by factors such as:

  • The location of the cavity
  • The type of dental filling material used
  • The number of cavities that need to be filled
  • The area you live in

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